• This was the best investment we ever made.
  • It's our favorite room.
  • It made our summers longer at both ends.
  • For three seasons we eat all our meals in our open air patio screen room.
  • When were home, the door is always left open to our patio room.
  • Best trade we ever made Patio room for winter trip.
  • We use our patio room right up until Christmas.
  • We use our patio room from Easter to Christmas.
  • We love setting out there when it's raining.
  • I'm allergic to bees, now I don't worry about them.
  • We have this big beautiful deck but them darn flies use to chase us back in the house.
  • We use to wait all winter to get outside only to have the bugs chase us back in.
  • It keeps our home cool enough that we don't use the air conditioner any more.
  • With the wind break panels we can stay out all night, we don't care how damp or windy it gets. We just put the wind break panels back in place.
  • The lower panels really protect the screen from our pets.
  • Our patio room is warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.
  • Our only complaint is that we didn't get our patio room big enough.
  • If the units can survive the winds in the Cheticamp area, they will survive anywhere.
  • I have had my unit for four years and agree that it's one of the toughest units I ever seen.
  • Our unit survived the Hurricane Juan.


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