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Generic Attachment Re: A Post & Stick Application


Thanks for allowing us to provide you with a design & quote which is free and valued at 500$;


Please find attached


1)      A Proposal for a Weather Master Window & Door system to close in your exiting envelope.

2)      Sunspace Specification Sheet

3)      Several pictures of project we did that may simulate your request.


If you go ahead with this project I may need/want to get back on site to double-check all measurements for accuracy.


We also would require a 20% deposit and a sign off or an e-mail confirmation to clarify the work to be done; this requirement is designed to protect both parties.


{Turn Around}: This product is custom made in Canadian and will take four to six week to have delivered and installed. Our pass experience in turnaround was always closer to four week than six but I, would never promise you 4 weeks because of Murphy`s Law.


Please take note:


1)      This quote is designed to give you a tentative cost. (Final quote is final cost).

2)      Seven aluminum colors (3 standard  white- driftwood-bronze) and four designer colors (Green-Ivory-Gray-Black) designer colors have a modest up-charge.

3)      You have two door systems to choose from, Cabana swing OR single glass Patio Slider available 5-6-7-8 ft widths and custom sized.

4)      Please keep in mind that this product can be made any shape or size to meet your needs and the doors can be placed were ever needed.

5)      The delivery cost on quote is from our Sunspace manufactures to our warehouses in New Glasgow, Havre Boucher or Sydney.

6)      This product “Weather Master Windows” is the only item that Sunspace will give us permission to allow the home owner do their own install. Please be aware that if you decide to do your own install  and pick-up at our warehouse you will need to pay in full at time of pick up and you will be required to sign off on the condition of product.



Please take note regarding our delivery costs. This item is not a box store item; this item is custom made and custom shipped.


• Delivery cost is from our Sunspace manufactures in Newcastle, Ontario to our warehouses in   New Glasgow - Havre Boucher - Sydney.